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Here's how we help

These are just some of the initiatives and services that student affairs provides for each and every student across the OSU community.
For information about how to give to these areas, visit the OSU Foundation website.

experiential learning

We know that the graduation rates of students who engage in one experiential opportunity is nearly 20 percent higher than the overall OSU student body. With two experiences, it’s nearly 30 percent higher. Success isn’t just graduating, so why not have a life changing experience on your way to graduation?

career development

Our students are eager to go from the textbook to the board room. You can play a role in developing productive, responsible professionals. If you’re interested in participating in career development events for students at Oregon State, please contact Rachel Finch. Students want to hear from you!


Change doesn’t happen by sitting on the sidelines. OSU wants to encourage students from every background to engage in efforts for the common good.


Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. And we’ve done the work to find the best ways to create influential future leaders, especially those who maybe haven’t ever considered taking on that role.


OSU doesn’t pay lip service to increasing diversity on campus. To ensure success for all students we need to bolster our mentoring efforts and support the amazing work of the seven cultural centers on campus.

high promise scholars

What does not doing business as usual look like? Giving persistence awards to students who are surviving, but not thriving, to encourage and let them know we believe in them. And when they come back their second year, we have the support systems in place to ensure their success. We want all students to know they belong.

educationalopportunities program

Everyone gets to college their own way. First generation college students are educational trailblazers for their families, and OSU has a program that graduates these students at levels 10 percent higher than the general student population. We want to grow this proven program to serve as many students as possible. Read more about us.

retention grants

Allows students to register for the upcoming term, when they would not otherwise be allowed to do so. In this past year 75 percent of the students who received these grants returned to OSU in the fall. Each term there are approximately 200 students living on campus who could benefit from a retention grant.

greek life

Academic rigor, serving others, and a sense of community are what a university aims to provide for their students. Our fraternities and sororities are exemplary examples of these ideals, and OSU is doubling down on our commitment to greek life. If you're a Greek alum, you may be interested in joining our Fraternity and Sorority Alumni & Friends Group.